Readathon - Hour 19

It's just past 8 AM in Denmark right now and I think it's time for another readathon update. So how did it go last night?

Well, you see, the thing is... it didn't really. After eating dinner we settled down on the couch and started reading again. I read for an hour, or an hour and a half and then I dozed off... Probably due to all the fresh air from outside reading ;-)
When I woke up it was around 11pm and the hubby was getting ready for bed (he had been reading all day without any real pauses). We both went to bed - after all, we have to work Monday morning.

Today is another day!
Planning on getting some reading done today also. I've been cheering people on a lot and had fun with it last night. Will definitly be on a cheering team next time there is a readathon.

Thank you for stopping by although I haven't been updating. Now you know why :-p


  1. You can do it
    You can read.
    You can made it
    ‘cause you’re so sweet.

    Hang in there, you can do it! #TeamMarquez

  2. Tick-Tack.. Tick-Tack.. Tick-Tack..

    Time is slowly moving
    Soon it will be gone
    But memories will stay
    After readathon is done

    Hang in there.. 2 hours to go!!

  3. Haha, still sounds like you had a good day! And any reading is better than none. Hope you enjoyed it!

  4. Tick - Tack
    Books in stack.
    Tack - Tick
    Open your eyes with a stick.
    Soon readathon will all be gone
    So remember Dewey when it’s done.


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