Getting ready for readathon: Hour 0

Yay, in a few momoents (15 minutes) to be exact. I will participate in my first #readathon ever.
The books have been chosen, the blanket has been laid out on the grass - we are ready!
I say 'we' because my great husband will also be reading alongside me all day. I am actually pretty sure he will last longer than me ;-) You can follow his progress on  :-)

What will I be reading?
So many people have told me that "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" was the best book I had in my pile. So I'll start of with that :-)

Where will I be reading?
Right now we have 18 degrees celsuis and sun from a clear sky so I will be starting of on a blanket in the garden. - Maybe even combine tanning with reading. Yay!

Where can you hear from me?
I will be updating the blog whenever I need a longer break. For shorter announcements, comments etc. I'll be using Twitter. Follow me on twitter hereRe
I look forward to sharing and having fun with all of you. Feel free to drop me a line below and make sure you include your blog so I can stop by and cheer for you :-)

Ready, set, read!


  1. Åh hvor ser det hyggeligt ud! Et godt readathon til dig :)

  2. Hi! Welcome to Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon. I'm happy you're joining us and it's lovely that you and your husband are reading together. The Memory Keeper's Daughter sounds like a very emotional read, I hope you're enjoying it so far. I hope you're having fun and I'll be cheering you on! :) #TeamMarquez

  3. Reading out in the sun sounds fantastic! It's 8 am here, so I think I'll wait 'til it gets a little warmer, but it looks sunny enough that I might get to do that same thing! Happy reading! #TeamMarquez

  4. @Rikke: Tak i lige måde :-)
    @TeamMarquez - thank you so much for your kind words and cheering's.


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