Mail time

I haven't had time to update on my sent and recieved mail for a while but today I'm sending you a few picture peeks of in- and outgoing mail:

This lovely notecard set was sent to me by Limner who owns the 'Oh, Write me!' blog as a present since I was the first person ever to comment on her blog a year ago. It is so lovely. Thank you ever so much Limner!

I recieved this awesome letter from my penpal Anicka. Don't you just love the sheet with the woodland character girls? I'm in love with the illustrations!
I sat down and wrote a reply the same day. The actual letter looked like this:
Including printed photographs of the wedding rings the boyfriend and I ordered, the church and the place for the reception.
I have a thing for black envelopes these days. I love how classy they look. I kept it simple with a huge 'cool' sticker and two childish stamps.

A lot of my mailrelated photos are stuck in a camera that died a few weeks ago. When I get the rest of the pictures I'll bombard them in here, so don't worry; more mail to come!
If you're waiting for mail from me, feel free to ask about it in the comment section I will most likely have mailed it out although I haven't showed it here yet.


  1. Hey! :) Thanks for liking my little gift. I like black envies and blank postcards. They offer challenges.
    Such lovely mail. ;)


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