Mail 2012: week 2 - recieved

This is the mail I recieved during last week :-)

Blythe doll, lip smackers and frog soap for a profile surprise swap

 I love that my pullip doll got a little sister :-)

This awesome bunch of stuff was from another profile surprise swap.
As you can see it's filled with cool items.

I am pretty excited about these pictures. Not just because of the postcards but because I decided to get back into after not using the site for a year. These four postcards were the first I recieved. (And yes I also sent some but ofcourse I forgot to photograph them).

Then I recieved this weird package with the words 'Costume' on the outside. I was very puzzled about what it could be since I didn't order a costume anywhere but when I opened it, this was inside:

And what has that got to do with a costume you might ask? Well, it is one of the sizers for our custom made wedding bands. Yay! We ordered a bunch of these in different sizes and widths to try out which ones would fit us perfectly before getting the actual rings. Although this was just a sizer it made things a little more real - I'm really getting married!

Check back tomorrow to see what goodies I sent out last week.


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