Mail 2012: week 1 - sent

I am not a fan of new year resolutions but I actually did make a small one this year. I'll try to be better at posting my in- and outgoing mail and swaps. Therefore I'll be doing a weekly update each monday. This is the mail I've recieved and sent out in the previous week, this has been a happy mail week for me:


A letter for my Danish penpal Mie. I made the envelope out of a page in an old childrens book and made the blonde girl hold Mies adress in her arms. The letter looked like this inside:

 Mickey and Pluto stationary :-)

This bunch of cool stuff was a swap-bot swap in my own group. The idea was to send at least 200 grams of 'stash' items as a new year cleanup. The above is what my partner will recieve.

The back of an envelope I made out of a 'Flow' magazine cover. The letter inside is for my penpal Bree in Malaysia.
This is the front of the envelope. I think this envelope is so incredible beautiful. I added a faux postage stamp saying 'Cherish these moments'. Let's have a look at the letter I sent Bree:

Seven pages on cute paper. And a few closeups of the interactive parts of this letter:

A package of 'jule' (Christmas) tea to enjoy while reading the letter and...

A tiny santa look-a-like that I just seem to find everywhere.

This is the back of a blue-themed letter I sent to my penpal Anicka in the Netherlands. I am really happy with how the front of this envelope came out:
Great plates everywhere. This is so old-fashioned-Danish style. I love it ;-)
Ofcourse the letter was also blue on the inside:


  1. Hi Marie! How are you? I saw this post in January and am looking forward to your mail but it's really strange because I still haven't received it. It has been travelling for more than a month. :( Do you think it got lost somewhere??



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