Mail 2012: week 1 - recieved

I recieved so much cool mail in the last week, let's have a look:


A super cute letter from my penpal Anicka in the Netherlands. I love strawberry shortcake. Her Danish name is 'Jordbær Marie' which means 'Strawberry Marie' so ofcourse I'd love that character :-) She also sent me a wonderful notebook but I've already started using it so forgot to photograph it.

This letter and amazingly cute envelope is from the talented Bree in Malaysia (the one I sent the Flow envelope with tea and santa to that you can see in 'sent' above). I love recieving mail from Bree as she always embellishes the envelope with a new fun and cute drawing every time.

This is the first letter I recieved from a new Danish penpal called Tina. A cute Hello Kitty envelope:


Back of envelope :-)

 The introduction letter from Tina. Looking forward to getting to know her :-)

This awesome pile of goodies are from the New Year Stash cleanup sent my Malissa. Here are a few closeups:

 Two awesome books. Both of them sound so interesting.

 A pile of cool stickers. The devil/angel one is now on my laptop cover.

Pretty vintage styled fabric.


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