Julepost / Holiday greetings 2

Happy New Year everybody. I haven't been updating for a long time and normally I wouldn't apologize about that since this blog is made for me and I just want to update it when I feel like it. There is, however one exception: When it comes to mail I've sent and recieved. This is the type of posts I really love doing because I know many of the people who are sending me mail are watching the blog waiting for their mail to appear in a blogpost and finding inspiration in other peoples mail-art.
I've been to bad at updating about mail but will try to improve in 2012. For now here is a big pile of stacked up images with mail  I've sent and recieved during the holiday season. I know I haven't taken pictures of all of the christmas cards this season and I'm sorry but I really did enjoy all of them :-)


This pretty and very personal christmas card is from my very good friend Tanja who also lives in Denmark. The card is featuring her two adorable boys. Tanja and I started out as penpals around 10 years ago and met the first time a few years ago. Now we don't penpal anymore but I've found a friend for life :-)

 These pretty packages was sent to me from Chelle in a private swap at swap-bot. Let's have a look inside:

 So much awesome stuff. I'll give you a few closeups:

 One of the cutest bookmarks I've seen in a long time...
 A pretty notepad...
Embroidery transfers. I've begun using these on some throw pillows for the sofa. They are trickier then they look ;-)
 A cupcake calender. Yum! This is the back of it showing all the different pictures.

I am a sucker for old fashioned seals: heated up over a candle and then stamped on the envelope. This one was on the outside of a christmas card from one of my friends. It says 'God Jul' which means 'Happy Christmas'. The card inside the envelope looked like this:


I sent this package to a very dear swap-bot friend. After I wrapped it up it fitting amazingly into the envelope. Want to see what was inside?

The book 'Once bitten, twice shy' (that I've recieved here if you're interested), a Danish magazine for crafting and the foil package contains different teas.


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