Filling in the blanks - a bit late

Dette indlæg er på engelsk, en blogchallenge hos "The Little Things We Do", som du kan se her: 
1.   The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is  probably "-" and ";" I have always loved ";" because it is sort of a ":" but also sort of a "," but at the same time it's neither of those; thus a wonderful puntuation ;-) The question of which phrase I overuse most is a completly different story - We'll take that another time...

2.  Today I am thankful for the wonderful sunlight we have had all day, I was so longing for the sun :-)

3.  My best friend is  hard to define since I think I can use different people in different situations.

4.  A quirky thing about me is   that I have a weird idea about running around screaming "4" (four - or actually, since I'm Danish and the Danish word for 4 is "fire" that's what I scream - it's not pronunced as the English word 'fire' though, so I don't worry people, they just look at me in an odd way. I do this when I think I need attention - and it works.

5.  This weekend I   visited my parents, got a new Iphone and tomorrow (sunday) will be relaxing.

6.  Something that worries me is  the thought of might not being able to get children. I have no reason to fear this yet but it is such a strong wish...

7.  On my night stand you would find  the book I'm currently reading. The book I'm reading with my fiancé (we read together every night - right now we are reading 'New Moon'), some hair acessories.


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